Exclusive: Did Shay Mitchell and Sasha Pieterse Just Hint at 'Emison' Twins AND a 'PLL' Spinoff?

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There are only two episodes left of Pretty Little Liars, but Shay Mitchell and Sasha Pieterse might be spending more time in Rosewood.

“The possibilities are endless, just wait,” Pieterse told ET when we asked about the potential of an Emison spinoff on Wednesday at the launch of Warner Bros.' Pretty Little Liars: Made Here exhibit in Los Angeles.

“I mean, you never know what could happen in Rosewood,” Mitchell teased. “You know, that's always what I say.”

PLL creator Marlene King echoed those same sentiments to ET this week.

But, before we get ahead of ourselves, there’s still so much Emison to get excited about in these final episodes of the series.

Following Tuesday’s heartfelt (and steamy!) Emison picnic scene, fans online exploded with joy, and Sasha and Shay are equally as happy that Emily and Ali are endgame.

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“The Emison fans have been amazing and I think we’ve slowly been giving them what they've been wanting throughout the past year, so to see their reactions in such a positive way is awesome for me,” Mitchell said.

“I also think it was cool for us to be like, finally, Emison is together. It was kind of tying everything together and all the relationships are kind of, you know, working out and there's some bumps, but it was really special for Alison to really admit to her feelings,” Pieterse added. “It was a cool arc for me and I really, really loved playing Alison. I loved it.”

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Still, we don’t know who the father of Emison’s baby is.

We asked how that reveal will affect the couple, and the two became super giddy before telling ET that absolutely nothing is going to come between them!

“It didn't hurt them... I think we can say that,” Pieterse confirmed.

“I think the girls have been through so much with each other, separately, that I don't really think anything can take them down…,” Mitchell said.

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In this week’s episode, A.D. told Aria that things were going to get worse for her friends though, and Mitchell insists we should not take that lightly.

“That threat was said with some weight behind it,” she said.

Ok. Ok. But what about the possibility of an Emison engagement – and will we actually get an Emison baby name?!

“I remember one and that was it,” said Pieterse, before someone off-camera reminded her not to spill the beans!

“Of course, I’m not gonna say it, are you kidding?!” she responded. “It’s a good secret!”

So, wait. Does that mean she only remembers ONE name? As in – there is more than one baby? As in TWINS? Or, does she mean she only remembers one of those things happening: the engagement or the baby name reveal?

We suppose time will tell.

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Speaking of twins, we also asked the duo their thoughts on all the twin theories circling the web.

“I think everybody can have a theory, but I mean, we haven't really stayed true to anything -- whether it be in the book or whatever -- so, always have your own theories! I love hearing them, but you’ll have to wait and see,” Mitchell said.

“I think everyone has always wanted the twin theory because of the books, but Marlene always has tricks up her sleeve, so I think it turned out really well and I think the fans are going to love it regardless,” added Pieterse, who also told ET that the series finale is “shocking” and “couldn’t be a better ending.”

For more highlights from our chat with Mitchell and Pieterse, watch this week’s episode of ET’s Facebook Live series, The Rosewood Rundown, and check out the video in the player above!

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