'This Is Us' Star Milo Ventimiglia and Stephen Colbert Honor Hot TV Dads -- Watch!


This one goes out to all the hot TV dads!

Ahead of Father's Day, Milo Ventimiglia and Stephen Colbert teamed up to honor the finest fathers on television who often get "overlooked."

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"Father's Day is this weekend, but every year one subset of fathers is desperately overlooked," Ventimiglia explains jokingly in a video shared by TheLate Show on Friday.

"We're talking about hot TV dads," Colbert chimes in.

"People like me, who play dads on TV and are hot," the This Is Us star quips before the late-night host quickly adds himself into the mix, saying, "It's not easy for us."

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The two then wish a Happy Father's Day to all the "over-looked and over-worked hot TV dads," including Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights, Sam Bennett from Private Practice and even Bob Belcher from the animated series Bob's Burgers.

While Ventimiglia is not a father in real life, he plays dad to three kids on the hit NBC series. ET recently spoke with the actor about how his beloved character, Jack Pearson, has quickly become a "surrogate father figure" for audiences.

"People are transferring this love for Jack onto me," Ventimiglia shared. "Hopefully, he can stay revered and not fall as fast as he rose."

For more on the This Is Us star, watch below.