EXCLUSIVE: Alison Brie Talks 'GLOW's Empowering Message & Warning Her Dad 'At Length' About Risque Scenes

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In Netflix's new original series GLOW, Alison Brie plays an actress-turned pro wrestler in the 1980s. The show has a lot of perms, a lot of spandex and its fair share of risqué scenes, which Brie said she made sure to caution her dad about.

"I've warned my dad at length," the Mad Man alum told ET at the red carpet premiere of her new series in Los Angeles on Wednesday. "Then reminded him again, and then [I've] sort of given him a heads up of like, exact [moments], so I'm like, 'When you see this person, you know what's about to happen, maybe fast forward.' So he's warned."

As for warning her new husband, Dave Franco, Brie said she didn't have to worry about it. "Dave's a tough guy," she said. "He's fine."

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As tough as her husband may be, it sounds like he's no match for Brie, especially after the extensive wrestling training, workout regimens and fight choreography she's taken on since she started preparing for her role in GLOW.

"He's got to stay [on my good side]. I put him in a head lock when he does the wrong thing," Brie joked.

In the upcoming series, Brie stars as Ruth Wilder, a struggling actress in the '80s who joins an up-and-coming female wrestling organization called the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.

Reflecting on her favorite part of doing a series set in the decade of neon outfits and wild hairstyles, Brie admitted that she is in love with her character's perm.

"I think the haircut is Ruth. It's the quintessential thing that made the character," Brie explained. "I had a vision of Sigourney Weaver's hair from Alien -- even though that was done in '79 -- but it was very similar to the look [we] had been envisioning… I feel like once we cut my hair, everything clicked in."

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The hair homage to Weaver's badass xenomorph-fighting Ripley -- one of cinema's first real female action heroes -- is incredibly fitting, considering GLOW's empowering, female-driven message and theme.

With the recent critical and box-office success of Wonder Woman, Brie opened up how this is just the right moment for her show to have an important impact.

"I love the energy right now, within this sometimes scary political climate, that we just have a lot of women rising up, making their voices heard," she shared. "This is a show about women making their mark and it's super cool."

drops its 10-episode first season on Netflix on June 23.

Reporting by Angelique Jackson.

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