'The Bachelorette': Kenny and Lee's Feud Comes to a Head on Two-on-One Date, and Rachel Lindsay Plays Judge!

Let's take this fight to the courtroom!

A lot happened on this week's episode of The Bachelorette -- Jack Stone was sent home, Bryan revealed that he's falling in love, and Peter got a new nickname after his mid-date hot tub makeout session with Rachel Lindsay (Hello, Mr. Three-and-a-Half Hours!) -- but most important was Lee and Kenny's two-on-one.

The feuders' fight came to a head on Monday's episode, after weeks of racial tension among the group. Here's what happened in quasi-legal terms, because "lawyer Rach" is back!

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EXHIBIT A -- The Group Date

"Lee, we need to have a chat, bro," Kenny said as he took him outside for a chat on the porch in a continuation of last week's drama after Lee told Rachel that Kenny acted "aggressive" towards him.

Lee walked away from the situation, but not before Kenny called him a "snake" and a "bitch" -- and then alluded to more "snakey" behavior while congratulating Bryan on his group date rose.

"F**k you," Lee said.

"Lee, you're a b**ch. I'll sh*t in your cowboy boots," Kenny gloriously whispered back, before they BOTH SURVIVED THE ROSE CEREMONY.

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EXHIBIT B -- The Talk

Will tried to take the fight to mediation, explaining to an "ignorant" Lee that "when you call [Kenny] aggressive, there is a long standing history in this country of regarding black men in America as aggressive to justify a lot of other things."

"I don't think he meant to play the race card. I think he truly was offended by that choice of word," Will told Lee, who after gleefully declaring in his confessional that he's "here to mess with everybody, and it's working," replied that he was upset about the race card being played.

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EXHIBIT C -- Two Men, One Rose

A couple of days and backstabbing comments later, producers finally decided to send Kenny and Lee on a group date.

Kenny spent the day preparing by FaceTiming with his adorable daughter.

Lee, meanwhile, had a different approach.

"I'm lifting weights and reading books. I'm writing toasts. I am focused. My strategy for this date is to spark a flame. Because there's been a lot of sparks. I just want a flame," he said to the camera. "It feels good to be the one smiling when somebody's really pissed off."

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EXHIBIT C -- Day in Court

Lee and Kenny's day in court finally arrived, as they headed off into Norway's wilderness with Rachel. The two continued to take minor digs at each other until Lee's alone time with the Bachelorette, when he told her that Kenny called him a b**ch and a snake (true), threatened to sh*t in his boots (true), gets "violent" with him when he drinks (what?) even tried to physically pulled him out of a van (WHAT?!?!?).

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"Lawyer Rach" finally came out to take the guys to court, but instead of asking producers to ROLL THE F**KING TAPES, she more delicately went in for Kenny's testimony.

"On everything I love, it's 100 percent false," Kenny said. "There's zero truth to that. I don't believe I've done anything but keep it 100!"

"He just flat out f**king lied," the pro wrestler later yelled to the camera before heading down the hill to confront Lee. "You want a piece of me?!"

Rachel's decision will have to wait until next episode, but one thing's for sure: There will be blood!

The next episode of The Bachelorette will air Tuesday, June 27, before returning to its normal time on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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