'The Bachelorette': A Fight With One Suitor Gives Kenny a Bloody Eye -- But It Wasn't Lee!

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See ya, Lee!

The controversial Bachelorette contestant got the (cowboy) boot on Tuesday's episode of the ABC dating show.

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Last night's episode saw Rachel Lindsay play judge on a tension-filled two-on-one date with Lee and Kenny, but she waited to deliver her sentence until Tuesday night, when she sent Lee packing. The singer-songwriter surprisingly went gently into his good night, leaving us wondering who the hell gave Kenny the bloody eye we've seen in literally every promo this season.

Here's what happened (and everyone who went home -- hint: there's a lot!):

Bye-ah Josiah + Adios Anthony!

Rachel and Kenny had a heart-to-heart after she sent Lee home, and she ended up giving him the rose on their two-on-one date. Five minutes later, there was a rose ceremony and cocky Josiah and forgettable Anthony were sent home.

"Nobody in this house thought I was going home," Josiah said in his confessional after failing to receive a rose. "Woman, you got some poor judgement."

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Toodle loo, Kenny.

After surviving his two-on-one, Kenny got sent on a group date in Denmark, where he and the men pretended to be Vikings and battled each other in "regal" costumes (Rachel's words, not ours). Kenny and Adam meant to go head-to-head, but ended up going shield-to-head and each received a bloody eye for their efforts.

Producers slapped a band-aid on Kenny and sent him back into the ring, but after a conversation with Rachel where they both "kept it 100," she sent him home to be with his daughter.

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Sayonara, Will.

After a great performance last week, Will was rewarded with a one-on-one date in Sweden, but failed to seal the deal romantically with Rachel.

"It was the perfect setting for romance, and there's nothing," Rachel said before sending home Will, who admitted that he probably focused too much on the friendship aspect of their relationship.

Womp womp!

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Godspeed, Alex!

With Eric and Peter heading into the rose ceremony with the coveted flower, and no time for a cocktail party, Rachel had to make the tough decision -- and we know it was tough, because she had to leave the rose ceremony to collect herself -- to send home Alex.

We'll miss you and your tight outfits!

The Bachelorette
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Six men gone and six men left -- Bachelor in Paradise will be here in no time! See the latest on the controversy in the video below.