Gillian Anderson Slams 'The X-Files' For Reportedly Hiring An All-Male Writing Team

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Gillian Anderson has a few things to say about the new The X-Files writing staff.

After news broke that the popular sci-fi series reportedly hired an all-male team for the upcoming 11th season, the 48-year-old actress, who portrays Dana Scully, took to Twitter to share her opinion on the controversial decision.

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"And 2 out of 207 eps directed by women," she wrote in response to a story written by The Washington Post. "I too look forward to the day when the numbers are different. #TheFutureIsFemale."

And Anderson's point checks out. Since its debut in 1993, there have been over 200 episodes, but only two were directed by a female. Anderson directed an episode, along with Michelle MacLaren, who's worked on shows like Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones.

Fox announced the news that The X-Files would be returning for an all-new season in April, with Anderson reprising her role as FBI agent Scully alongside David Duchovny as Fox Mulder. The 10-episode installment will air sometime during the 2017-18 season.

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Anderson hasn't been shy about advocating for women's equality in Hollywood. In a January 2016 interview with Vanity Fair, the Chicago, Illinois, native revealed she was initially offered half of Duchovny's pay for The X-Files revival.

More on that in the video below.