EXCLUSIVE: Julie Chen Dishes on 'Big Brother' Showmances, Opens Up About Aisha Tyler's Exit From 'The Talk'

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Julie Chen thinks fans should "expect the unexpected" this summer on Big Brother.

ET's Kevin Frazier caught up with the the TV host on Wednesday, where she opened up about some of season 19's biggest moments so far -- and revealed why Cody's showmance with Jessica won't last much longer.

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"I think Jessica, the VIP concierge from Los Angeles, she knows she's a head-turner. She knows she's very attractive [and] I think she was physically attracted to Cody," Chen shared. "Then he became Head of Household and started winning things left and right and she was kind of with the prom king."

Things have definitely taken a turn, however.

"The prom king is kind of now public enemy No. 1, because he showed himself to be a traitor. So, as soon as he loses power and as soon as he becomes someone in the house that no one else wants to talk to, I think she might be like, 'Let's put the breaks on this,'" Chen added.

As for what led to Cody's downfall, the Big Brother host said he was just "too aggressive."

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"He overplayed. He was too aggressive. He was feeling himself. He was drunk with power," Chen revealed. "He thought, 'I'm runnin' the show.' Well, guess what? You used up so much gas. Now, he's just puttering out. He's put a huge target on his back."

"Slow and steady wins the race," she added. "You know, you can't peak too soon. And now, no one except Jessica is really on his side."

Chen also opened up about Aisha Tyler's big exit from The Talk, calling the actress' upcoming departure like losing her "right arm."

"I talked to Aisha leading up to her decision, so I feel like I was there every step of the way," Chen confessed. "I gave her advice, listened to what her struggles were, and at the end of the day, I think she feels like she made the right decision [for herself]."

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"She wants to spread her wings and fly as a director, and she has to strike while the iron is hot. We, as her friends, her coworkers, her teammates, we have to support that dream," she continued. "You have to say, 'Go after your dreams,' and she has to spread her wings and fly, and she can always fly home."

As for who will take Tyler's seat at the table, Chen said "no one could ever replace her," but there will be a new panelist -- and it might even be a man!

"Whether that new panelist is male, female, someone who has filled in before, who is brand new, who is someone who is a household name [is still up in the air]," she confessed. "One thing we are at The Talk is open-minded."

Tyler tearfully announced her decision to leave the show last month. See more in the video below.