'The Bachelorette': Rachel Lindsay Tearfully Picks Her Final 4 as a Frontrunner Questions Everything

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After a week without Rachel Lindsay, The Bachelorette finally returned on Monday night -- and delivered tears as promised!

The tears were not, however, in reaction to a supposed fight between Rachel and frontrunner Peter, as the promos had teased (great job on editing!).

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Nonetheless, things did get emotional as the 32-year-old attorney selected her final four, and though we pretty much knew who she was going to pick after last week's bloodbath, the episode was not without its own revelations.

Here's what went down:

Bryan Is #Blessed

If there was anyone #blessed on this drama-filled episode, it was Bryan, who was so happy about being treated to a fancy watch on his one-on-one date with Rachel, we almost forgot it was coming out of production's budget, not hers. The chiropractor also got in a great line about how he likes black... watches -- and women too.

The two later enjoyed a beautiful dinner, while Dean and Peter (but mostly Dean) sh*ttalked Bryan, claiming that he's a certified pro at "swooning and sweet talking women." Drama, but also Bryan got the rose.

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Dean Takes a Dark Turn

Next, it was time for Dean's one-on-one date, which at first didn't seem to be going too well, as he couldn't stop joking around with Rachel every time she tried to have a serious conversation, asking her questions like this:

It's a velociraptor, thanks for asking.

Later on their date, however, Dean revealed his family's dark situation, declaring that "my family is not the family that you want to see."

"The second my mother died... [my father] wasn't able to flip the switch and become the person that I needed him to be, and it took a big hit in our relationship. He's just not a person that has any bearing on my emotional experience, I guess you could say," Dean shared of his dad. "He's become quite a bit more eccentric, so what I wish you could see is the family that I had in my most developmental years of 0-15, and not the family that abandoned me at the most vulnerable part of my life."

Though Dean was nervous Rachel would judge his family into "what our potential family could be," she reassured him that she does want to take the next step, and gave him a rose.

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Peter's Got a Problem

Peter was also #blessed with his second one-on-one date this episode, but clearly wasn't feeling it because he spent the entire episode second-guessing his relationship with Rachel. WHY ARE YOU QUESTIONING THIS, PETER?!

"In those bad days, it's like, I'm not sure that I want to stay," he admitted to Rachel. "But I always felt like that connection that we built on the very first day was enough to get me through those darker days, and the next day was always brighter."

Peter later teared up during the evening portion of their date (yes, Peter, not Rachel like we thought) as he recalls his sad breakup with his last girlfriend, and how he still holds on to guilt from that day. Another rose for Peter for opening up!

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Who's It Gonna Be?

Rachel's final date this episode came with the most honest (and kind of lazy) date card we've ever seen on this show, as she warned the Eric, Matt and Adam that "Tomorrow will be difficult, I don't know what else to say."

Despite already knowing the outcome (come on, people!), things got really emotional as Rachel knew she had only one more rose to hand out.

She got a little private time with Matt, who reminded her so much of herself that she started crying and had to send him home early. Adios!

Then it was between Adam and Eric, and although it seemed like Rachel was more freaked out by the fact that Eric had never brought a woman home than the fact that Adam went through the whole season with Adam Jr., she found other reasons to let the 27-year-old real estate agent go.

And the final four are officially: Bryan, Dean, Peter and Eric!

While Rachel made the tough decisions this week, next Monday's episode looks to be even harder, with scary dads, intentions questioned by family members, and even more crying!

The Bachelorette
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