EXCLUSIVE: Ramona Singer Takes on 'Love Connection' -- Why Host Andy Cohen Was 'Blown Away' by Her Experience!

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The Ramona Coaster is making a stop at Love Connection!

Real Housewives of New York City
star Ramona Singer joins Fox’s dating experiment this week, and ET was on set as the reality star taped her episode alongside host Andy Cohen, who just so happens to be her Housewives boss.

“We did well today,” Cohen teases. “You're going to be surprised when you see who Ramona connects with.”

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When Singer stopped by the ET studios back in March, she confessed she was looking for a new life partner.

“I don't know if I want to get married again,” she shared. “I think what I would love is to have an intimate relationship with someone. You know, an intimate partnership. A significant other.”

The 60-year-old split from her husband of more than 20 years, Mario, in 2015 after he confessed to being unfaithful.

“This happens to women all across the nation,” Singer says. “You have to keep an open mind. I look at it as like on an adventure. This is going to be an adventure.”

“You know what, she's in a unique position,” Cohen notes. “She's starting over in her life, and I think that's something a lot of people can relate to. I think she's in a position that she never thought she was going to be in, where she's dating at this moment in her life. And so, we just thought, ‘You know what? Let's see if we can set her up with people.’”

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On Thursday night’s episode, Singer downloads Cohen on the three very different dates she went on with three very different men -- and totally surprises the veteran host!

“We took her out of her comfort zone,” he says. “We set her up with guys that I don't know that she'd be going out with in New York City. And I was really blown away by her openness and her patience to just say, ‘You know what? I'm going to let this experience be.’”

“I was kind of expecting to get a text from her, from the date, saying, ‘What have you done to me? I'm, like, in hour five of this date and, like, you're not paying me? What is this?’” Cohen continues. “I mean, all the reports that I got were, it was great! She was great! She had fun.”

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“I tried to keep a very open mind,” Singer confesses. “I learned that I can be nicer than you see me on [Real Housewives]. So the viewers … they'll see a side of me they don't really see on Housewives.”

“I was just blown away that she opened herself up to the experience,” Cohen admits. “I thought that was very cool. She really went with it, and I really admire her for that.”

Turns out the experiment worked, because Ramona totally makes a connection with one of the guys.

“I definitely met someone I'd like to go out with again, so I think that starts something, right?” she spills. “I don't like to put a jinx on anything, I take every day at a time. But the fact that I'm willing to go out with someone again says a lot.”

Love Connection
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