First 'Bachelor in Paradise' Trailer Addresses Season 4 Controversy: 'Summer Was Almost Ruined'

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Bachelor in Paradise
is almost here!

The Bachelor
spinoff debuted its first promo during The Bachelorette on Monday, and it addressed the season four controversy head-on.

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"The sun had almost set. The summer was almost ruined. Paradise was almost lost.. until it wasn't," says a voiceover, over generic shots of the Paradise set and tweets from fans about
the show's scandal.

"Paradise is back!" cast member Iggy Rodriguez yells.

"Monday, August 14, Paradise is found," the voiceover continues, as more tweets flood the screen, and Robby Hayes whispers, "It's crazy."

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Warner Bros. announced that production on season four of Bachelor in Paradise had been halted on June 11 following a producer's claims of misconduct after a sexual encounter between cast members Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson -- neither of whom appear in the season's new promo. On June 20, Warner Bros. and ABC announced the show had been cleared of any wrongdoing, and the cast -- minus Olympios and Jackson -- returned to Mexico to resume filming.

Both Olympios and Jackson will return, however, for the series' upcoming reunion show. Find out more about what it was like to film Paradise post-scandal in the video below.