EXCLUSIVE: What to Expect From 'Relationshep' -- Landon Clements Talks Shep Rose's 'Southern Charm' Spinoff

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Shep Rose is looking for love.

Southern Charm
’s resident bachelor will try to find the woman for him on Relationshep, set to premiere later this year on Bravo. Fans got a first look at the new series after the Southern Charm’s season finale on Monday night -- and now, ET has a little more intel to share, courtesy of Shep’s pal, Landon Clements.

“It's not just Shep and random girls,” she teases. “He's being set up by all of us with our friends … you know, they keep comparing it to The Bachelor, or whatever. This isn't a cattle call of women. This is people, like, ‘I seriously think you might have some sparks with this girl.’”

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Here’s the setup: Shep’s friends, including his Southern Charm co-stars, set him up on dates with women they know across the country. Shep travels from state to state to meet the ladies, and the ones he really connects with get a second date in Charleston, South Carolina.

“I set him up with some girls here in L.A.,” Landon reveals. “I know some of his other friends did, as well. Then, he was going to Austin and Dallas and New York, so we've got girls sort of sprinkled all across the country for him!”

“Whoever he picks from this thing, I think she's going to move to Charleston,” she continues. “I selfishly want my girlfriends [from Los Angeles] to come move to Charleston. So, it's a win-win for me!”

Along with Shep’s friends getting involved, Landon reveals that the show’s crew -- producers, cameramen, etc. -- will also be a part of the show!

“They are breaking the fourth wall,” Landon teases. “They're gonna talk about the crew … When I went to film, the girl who was producing the show was cueing me to go in, and we were chatting and they were filming us chatting! I kept trying to hide behind the tree, and she's like, 'What are you doing?' I can see the camera, so the camera can see me! And she's like, ‘I know, we want that.’”

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“Shep and I have been talking about [this] forever,” she continues. “The real drama is the making of the show … I was really excited that Shep sort of got his wish on, you know, bringing the crew and stuff in.”

As for what Shep needs in a lady, Landon says she has a pretty good idea.

“She's going to have to be pretty dynamic,” Landon shares. “I mean, he does not stop moving … Being in a car with him is a nightmare. The whole thing shakes … he needs someone who can handle that much energy all day, every day.”

“Shep is very smart and very quick-witted,” she notes. “He needs someone who's gonna be able to stand up to that and go toe-to-toe with him a little bit. But also, someone who's, like, sweet and fun. That's kind of why we all got involved with setting him up from the show, because whoever Shep dates is, inevitably, dating all of us, too.”

For more with Landon -- including why she’s no longer interested in dating Shep herself -- check out the video below.