EXCLUSIVE: 'Hollwood Medium' Tyler Henry Dishes on Convincing His Skeptics and How to Detect 'Fake' Psychics

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Viewers of Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry are often mesmerized by the 21-year-old’s abilities - but we know there are also tons of questions about how real it actually all is.

ET got all the answers from the master medium himself on Monday when he swung by our Burbank studio, where he also shared tips for identifying “fake” psychics from real ones.

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Tyler tells ET he doesn’t Google clients before his readings – in fact, producers on his E! series don’t even tell him which celeb he is set to meet with until he arrives at the shoot location.

“For me, it's really important when I go into a reading to not have any bias and so that's a big reason why I never know who I'm meeting or where I'm going," he explains. "When I'm being driven to the reading, my mom doesn't know who the client is. My assistant, Charlie, does not know who the client is. We follow a lead vehicle… so we don't know where we're going. The second we land, a producer grabs me and we go to the front door. I knock, I walk in. Everything's confiscated and I have to sit down and read the client. So there's no time for me to look around, sit in an area… have my phone. It's not that kind of thing.”

But what about uber-famous readings like the Kardashians or Bobby Brown? He had to have known Bobby was the late Whitney Houston’s ex, right?

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“I actually didn't recognize [Bobby] cause he was wearing sweatpants,” he said. “You have an idea of what a celeb looks like from something they were in 20 years ago or 10 years ago and then you meet them and you're like 'You look nothing like how I would have envisioned you looking like.'"

Still, there are critics out there, but Tyler says it’s important to have a first-hand experience before you knock it.

“I think that we can learn a lot from the first-hand experiences of others and I think that if you look at these readings -- celebrities or not -- there's information that comes through that is so specific and personal there's no way you could research that," he says. "When we get into family dynamics... there's so many instances where even the client in front of me will look at me and say 'I have no idea what that means' and I’ll say 'I know I’m correct, ask your mother' - and then they'll ask their mom as you’ve seen on the show many times - and it’ll get validated."

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As for where Tyler’s gift comes from, he’s still trying to figure that out.

“I’ve really wondered myself - is it a soul thing, is it a brain thing? I know the death of my grandmother acted as a catalyst to somehow turn something on because before 10 I didn’t really have many intuitive experiences,” he shares. "There were a few weird [things] but for the most part it took her dying to really turn on that ability.”

On Wednesday’s episode of Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry, he sits down with one of his biggest skeptics, Todd Chrisley, and his wife, Julie. The meeting marks Tyler’s 100th taped reading for the show – and he calls the episode one of his “all-time favorites.”

“Todd, coming from a religious background, was a little skeptical but it was so incredible because you saw this transformation as these details started coming through, not only for him but for Julie,” he says. “There's something that came through in the last 30 seconds of their reading that they had never told the world, ever. And that was a reveal that was incredibly touching.”

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While the connection between religion and psychic or medium abilities has been a hot-button debate, Tyler believes the two go hand-in-hand.

“I think people who are religious might come into it with some hesitancy sometimes, but if anything, I feel like what I do validates the continuation of life, a continuation of the soul," he says.

Check out the video above for more and watch the one below for three tips on how you can detect a “fake” psychic and avoid getting scammed!

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