Comic-Con: 'Outlander' Cast Talk Season 3, Play 'Truth or Dance' With Jenna Dewan-Tatum


Truth or dance?

With a dance partner like Jenna Dewan Tatum, it’s no surprise that the Outlander cast opted to dance when challenged to a hilarious game of ‘Truth or Dance’ at Comic-Con in San Diego, California, on Friday!

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The cast, including fan favorites Caitrona Balfe (Claire) and Sam Heughan (Jamie), appeared anxious when Tatum, who was moderating their panel, suggested playing the game, which she came up with during a flight.

“Will you dance, too?” Heughan asked Tatum, before checking if the World of Dance star’s husband, Channing Tatum, was in the building.

“He gets it,” insisted Dewan-Tatum, who admitted she’s the “biggest, hugest Outlander fan,” and appeared visibly giddy on stage with the cast. “He watches the show. He would be like, ‘Yes, please dance with him!’”

Heughan, who said he doesn’t usually dance “unless I’ve had a lot of whiskey,” then lead Tatum in an adorable “Scottish dance” across the stage. Balfe also had to dance when she opted not to answer whether she would prefer a kissing scene with Heughan or Tobias Menzies (Black Jack/Frank Randall).

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Richard Rankin’s (Roger) lips were also sealed when it came to choosing which cast member he would want to be stuck in an elevator with. “I cannot face the wrath of Caitrona, as much as I want to say Sam,” Rankin responded, before impressively waltzing with Tatum.

Fans then erupted in applause as Graham McTavish (Dougal MacKenzie) suddenly appeared on stage, drinking whiskey and showing off his dance moves too!

Following the dance off, fans were treated to an exclusive sneak preview of the season premiere, titled “The Battle Joined” and airing on Starz on Sept. 10.

The season
picks up with Claire pregnant with Sam’s child after travelling through the stones to return to 1948. Her return sparks conflict with husband, Frank, with the first episode showing the couple moving into a new home in Boston, Massachusetts, where tensions erupt. “I want to know when you’re going to come back from the f***en past,” declares Frank, during an explosive fight. However, the pair have to come together when Claire’s water breaks.

Back in the 18th Century, Jamie is grappling with losing Claire, the pair both hoping that they will one day find their way back to each other.

Before taking the stage for their panel, ET caught up with the actors who dished on how long it might take for Jamie and Claire to be reunited.

“Twenty years I believe,” teased Heughan. “There will be a little wait, but I think it’s worth it.”

“I don’t think you’re going to feel that it’s long,” added Balfe. “You get so involved in Jamie’s story and what he’s been through.”

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During the panel, the actors talked further about their much-loved screen romance, as well as the challenges of portraying characters who have aged 20 years.

“It’s one of the interesting challenges of the season,” Balfe said. “To try and figure out, how does time weigh on a person, what changes on you, what do you retain, how does tragedy weigh on you? They were interesting challenges as an actor.”

Following the presentation, Starz unveiled three new images from season three, showing Claire and Frank in the 1960s, Jamie in the print shop in the 1700s and Claire with daughter Brianna and Roger in the 1960s.


See the cast share more season three details during ET’s exclusive interview below.