'Game of Thrones' Teases the Epic Meeting We've All Been Waiting For -- Watch!

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One of the most anticipated meetings in the history of Game of Thronesis about to go down.

Following the end of Sunday's new episode, the show aired a teaser for next week, and as the sneak peek came to an end, it seems as though Jon Snow (Kit Harington) is finally going to come face-to-face with Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke)!

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From what little is shown of the impending encounter, it appears the Mother of Dragons is sitting in her rightful place in the throne room at Dragonstone, the ancestral stronghold of House Targaryen, which she just returned to after her family's exile.

As she sits, poised and unwavering, Jon is welcomed into her castle. As King of the North, he is trying to bring together the seven kingdoms of Westeros to do battle together against the terrifying might of the White Walkers.

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The stakes are even higher for Jon as Daenerys's castle is built atop a mountain of Dragonglass, which is one of only two things known to man that can effectively kill White Walkers for good.

The meeting is especially exciting for viewers who believe the fan theory that Jon and Daenerys are destined to join forces and rule Westeros together -- hence the name George R. R. Martin gave to his Game of Thrones series, A Song of Ice and Fire. Snow (aka "Ice") and the Mother of Dragons (aka "Fire") joining as one to rule all.

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Although the theory is unconfirmed, fans have been clamoring for this meet-up for seasons, and it looks like the wait is finally over whenGame of Thronesreturns next Sunday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HBO.

ET's Ashley Crossan and Leanne Aguilera will break down all the hints, clues and Easter eggs from the latest episode tomorrow on ET's new Game of Thrones after-show, Westeros Weekly. Watch below to see them recap last week's premiere!