EXCLUSIVE: Watch Devon Sawa's Sexy Intro in Paula Patton's ABC Thriller 'Somewhere Between' Debut

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What would you do if you could prevent a loved one's death?

In ABC's summer suspense thriller, Somewhere Between, based on the Korean series God's Gift: 14 Days, Paula Patton stars as Laura Price, a local San Francisco news producer who learns that her young daughter will be murdered and travels back in time in order to prevent it. Patton teams up with Devon Sawa, who plays Nico Jackson, an ex-cop turned P.I., as they desperately seek answers.

For Sawa, the complexities of Nico -- whose brother, Danny, is awaiting execution for murder and whose capital punishment was handed down by Laura's district attorney husband, Tom (J.R. Bourne) -- was what attracted him to the role.

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"I was attracted to [executive producer] Stephen Tolkin’s script first. Once he drops the first bomb, the show moves like a bullet train," Sawa exclusively told ET via email (watch an exclusive premiere sneak peek above). "Nico, when we first meet him, is just coasting. He’s found the easiest way to move through life. Once 'things' happen, his world is turned upside-down."

Working with Patton was an added bonus, as Sawa praised his frequent scene partner in the new 10-episode series.

"Paula is amazingly dedicated to her work and super fun to be around on set," he noted. "She’s smart. Funny. Very easy on the eyes. Legs for days. Heart-melting smile. Feisty. Wicked left hook."

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As for what viewers can expect when they tune in for the special two-night premiere, the 39-year-old Nikita star promises there will be action, romance and time-travel intrigue.

"Audiences can expect a thrill ride," Sawa teased. "A bucket of popcorn-type show that tries to do nothing more than keep you glued and sitting at the edge of your seat screaming for more."

Somewhere Between
debuts Monday, July 24 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC, before launching in its regular time slot Tuesday, July 25 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.