EXCLUSIVE: 'Bachelorette' Rachel Lindsay Talks Tearful Fight With Peter, Addresses Bryan's 'Player' Past

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Was Monday's argument be the end of the line for Rachel Lindsay and Peter Kraus?

ET's Lauren Zima caught up with Lindsay at the Bachelorette: Men Tell All taping in Los Angeles on Friday, where she opened up about Monday's cliffhanger -- and whether her relationship with Kraus can survive their big fight.

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"Peter had the first hometown date and it went really well. My family felt the same way that I did about him and you see him reveal himself to me in a way that he hasn't before, which is something that I had been waiting for," Lindsay said of Kraus finally telling her that he's falling in love with her. "For me, it was very refreshing, and I was trying to take in the way that he was expressing how he felt about me which I hadn't heard before. And it was nice that he did that with my family."

Kraus finally opening up only made his argument with Lindsay more shocking, when the two disagreed over whether they could see themselves getting engaged at the end of the show. Lindsay saw engagement as a promise of getting married down the line, while Kraus admitted that he wants to be ready to plan a wedding as soon as he gets down on one knee. "For the first time ever, I'm thinking Peter and I may not work out," Lindsay confessed during the episode, as the pair's tearful fight leads Kraus to ask, "What is wrong with me?"

"I think that's something you have to watch and find out," Lindsay teased of what could possibly be wrong with the stunning 6'3" business owner. "Peter had been there that long because I saw what was right in him [but] we kind of hit a crossroads."

"In the moment when I was talking to Peter, it's not like I'm sold, like... I can choose anybody. For me, it was if you are the one, I want an engagement from the person that I feel that is the one for me. And if you don't want to engage then I probably will walk away because I didn't come this far for a boyfriend or a commitment," Lindsay explained. "I could have done that without a show."

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While Kraus' hesitation to commit has been a concern for Lindsay, her other frontrunner, Bryan Abasolo, has raised some "red flags" for some of the other guys on her season.

"I saw that Dean made those comments," Lindsay confessed of Dean Unglert's claim to ET last week that Lindsay might be "blinded by lust" when it comes to Abasolo. "Those are Dean's opinions, whatever. I can't speak towards them, but I would hope that people -- and the viewers -- know that I am smart enough to not be blinded by lust." 

"I'm 32, this isn't my first rodeo, I've been in love before. And every decision I made was heartfelt, it was logical, and it was well thought out," she continued. "And it's unfortunate that whatever decision he feels I made could or could not have been out of lust. But for me, like, it was a real decision that I took my time the best I could in nine weeks."

Abasolo does, however, have a past on reality TV -- as he starred in the 2004 UPN show, The Player.

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"Yes, I heard about that," Lindsay confirmed. "I think that was a show that aired like 13 years ago? I mean, 13 years ago, I was what? 19? 18? I mean, whatever it is, I didn't know him 13 years ago, I know him now. And Heaven forbid stuff comes out about me 13 years ago."

"I don't know Bryan 2004. I know him [in] 2017, so he's not a player anymore, from what I understand," she added.

It's safe to say that Lindsay doesn't have a bone to pick with Abasolo -- but she told ET that she did plan to confront another one of her suitors at Men Tell All. Find out who in the video below.

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