James Van Der Beek Admits He's Never Seen the Final Episode of 'Dawson's Creek'

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James Van Der Beek might have been the leading man of Dawson's Creek, but he was not an avid viewer.

The 40-year-old actor confessed while on theAllegedly With Theo Von and Matthew Cole Weisspodcast that he doesn't quite recall how the beloved series ended in 2003. "I've never seen the last episode," Van Der Beek -- who portrayed Dawson Leery on the show for six seasons -- admitted. "I remember, I think, how it ended."

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When asked how he felt when Joey Potter (Katie Holmes) chose to be with Pacey Witter (Joshua Jackson) instead of Dawson, Van Der Beek seemed pretty indifferent to the ending. "It's interesting," he said simply. "It's a weird thing because people, obviously when you make any kind of entertainment, they own a relationship to it. It's amazing and the fact that it resonates with anybody today or that they'd even care about my thoughts on it. I feel like my thoughts on it are kind of irrelevant."

He added, "I'm not as invested in that because it was something that I did, it was not something that I wrote. Honestly, I feel like a passenger in the whole thing. ...Honestly, it's a weird thing to relate to because it's not so immediate for me."

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Van Der Beek also claimed that he's not seen big residual checks from the series. "Not much, hardly any at all," he said of the money he still earns from Dawson's Creek reruns. "I was young. I signed really bad contracts."

While on the show, Van Der Beek noted that it was bizarre to become an instant heartthrob. "It got scary at times," he disclosed. "I'd be asked to leave malls."

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Van Der Beek further made a name for himself when he starred in the 1999 high school football film Varsity Blues, but apparently he wasn't always on hand to portray the character of Mox and instead had his double perform one of the scenes.

ET asked Van Der Beek last October how he felt about a possible Varsity Blues reboot on CMT, and he had mixed emotions. “You know, I don’t know,” he said. “I don’t know who’s involved. The people who were involved in the movie, I don’t think are involved in the series. So, I don’t know.”

Van Der Beek added that making the film was “a fun, fun memory” for him, but fans shouldn't expect a Mox cameo on the TV show. Check out ET's full interview with the actor:

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