'Outlander': New Season 3 Footage Shows Claire and Jamie's Race to Reunite in 'Incredibly Romantic' Episodes

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Claire and Jamie's star-crossed love story kicks into high gear on Outlander.

In a newly released video revealing new footage from the highly anticipated (and "incredibly romantic") third season, the former couple desperately seeks a way to return to each other -- even as they both live in different centuries and time passes on.

​"When we saw Claire last in 1968, she had just realized that Jamie did not actually die in [the Battle of] Culloden," Caitriona Balfe says in the video,released Friday. "But she doesn't know anything about what he's done since then."

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Cut to Jamie (Sam Heughan) recovering from his near-fatal experience on the battlefield, where he hallucinates visions of Claire.

"When Jamie survives the Battle of Culloden, he has a great sense of loss because he was expecting to die," Heughan says.

It's clear that time doesn't heal all wounds.

"We see Claire in the 1940s having lost the love of her life and having lost herself. We see how she survives and how she builds a life after that. We see her in the '50s and we see her in the '60s," Balfe says. "But for two decades, no one came into her life that in any way came close to Jamie."

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"Jamie is in hiding for many years on the estate in Lallybroch, still holding onto Claire. He still sees her in the shadows. It takes his family, his sister [Jenny] and also Fergus to really remind him what he has to live for," Heughan says. "The love of his life is essentially dead to him and how do you come to terms with losing the one person that is your world?"

Though it may take quite a bit of time before the two cross paths once again. After all, they do have to figure out how to get back to the same century again.

"Jamie and Claire have always had this love for each other," Heughan says, with Balfe echoing what Outlander fans have known since the beginning: "This is a couple that lasts a lifetime."

premieres Sunday, Sept. 10 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Starz.​

For more, watch the video below.