Daring Skate Act Terrifies 'America's Got Talent' Panel as Laverne Cox Joins as Guest Judge


Billy and Emily England are single-handedly bringing the coolness back to roller skating with their heart-stopping, death-taunting performances on America's Got Talent.

When the sibling skaters auditioned for the show earlier this season, their amazing act blew the judges away, and set the bar very high for what they would have to do to impress the panel again in the second round of competition.

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In this sneak peek at Tuesday's new episode, the brother-sister duo got their game faces on as they hit the AGT stage -- or at least a small, circular portion of it. Before the act even began, the powerful opening notes of Woodkid's 2012 hit "Run Boy Run" hinted at the high-octane entertainment the judges were in for.

Billy and Emily hit the ground running as he lifted her sideways over his shoulders and began to quickly skate in a small circle as he raised her above his head while spinning -- and that was just the opening move.

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Special guest judge Laverne Cox -- who wasn't witness to their amazing audition -- was thoroughly impressed with the first half of the performance, even before the pair kicked off the coup de grâce.

Taking a moment to build up anticipation, Emily slowly wrapped her hands around Billy's long beard and the two began to spin, building up speed. Anchored to her brother with only her calf on his shoulder and her fist around his facial hair, the duo pulled off something that's never been seen before on AGT.

The sneak peek doesn't reveal what the judges thought of their stunning performance, but the standing ovation Billy and Emily received is likely a good sign for the pair. Fans will have to tune on Tuesday to hear the judges' feedback.

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In this third week of the Judge Cuts round, the panel is joined by the Orange Is the New Black actress, who admitted to her fellow judges that watching some of the show's crazier acts can be nerve-wracking.

"Being here is, like, really scary, but it's really, really thrilling," explained Cox. "The great thing about this show, and about life, is that you have to hold on to your dreams. People have told me that I cannot have my dreams but you can have them. Do not ever give up on your dreams."

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The next batch of hopeful performers face off the next round of Judge Cuts when America's Got Talent airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT, 7 p.m. CTon NBC.

Check out the video below for a look at the seven talented performers who made it through after the second night of challenging competition last week.