Aisha Tyler Gives Emotional Farewell Speech on 'The Talk': 'This Has Been a Family'


Aisha Tyler's last day on The Talk was an emotional one.

The 46-year-old actress bid farewell to the CBS show after six seasons on Friday, concluding her last appearance as co-host with a heartfelt speech.

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"While being out here with all of you guys and everybody at home has been such a gift for all these years, the treasure of this show is my friendships with you guys, and that is something that I could never have expected when I walked in the door here," Tyler told Julie Chen, Sheryl Underwood, Sara Gilbert and Sharon Osbourne. "I do remember that first day and that first week when I was here, how special I felt and how comfortable I felt, and I knew that this could be a home, but I never imagined in a million years that it could be this magical of a place."

"The thing that I'll take with me from this show is how all of you made me every day want to be a better woman and better friend and a better person. And you guys talked about how brave I was, but I honestly feel this way, thank you for making me brave," she continued. "I watched all of you in your lives do things that I wanted to emulate, and your intelligence and your vibrance and your bravery made me a braver woman, so you have only yourselves to blame for me leaving the show."


"I love you guys, and this has not been a job for me. This has been a family," Tyler confessed, tearing up. "I'm just so blessed and I'm so grateful for this place and for you guys, and for your unvarnished and unmitigated love. I'm just changed. I'm changed because of you. I'm changed because of this place, and what I'm most proud of, other than our friendships, is i hope that when people watch this show, they see friendships that are honest and true and that they can model in their own lives."

"This is the best show on daytime television, as far as I'm concerned. This is the best audience as far as I'm concerned. I want all of you in my movies, and I'm going to come back and promote my projects here, but I'm just a lucky girl," she concluded. "I've gained and lost and gained and lost a hundred things in these six years, but the thing that I gained was extraordinary, extraordinary friendships."

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ET caught up with The Talk co-hosts before they taped Friday's episode, when they opened up about their expectations for Tyler's last day.

"We are not prepared," Chen admitted. "I think part of it is none of us really want to acknowledge [that Tyler is leaving], and try to, like, plan out what I'm gonna say, because then you're asking yourself to face something that's difficult enough already. Let's just face it when we have to face it and we'll go from there. "

"We'll never have this chemistry again," Osbourne added. "We had something special and that takes time...[Tyler] is going to do wonderful, amazing things, but you can't recreate what we had."

See more from Tyler's last day on The Talk in the video below.