EXCLUSIVE: 'Inside Amy Schumer' Actor Casey Webb Talks 'Man v. Food' Challenges

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Man v. Food, the long-running Travel
Channel series that saw Adam Richman taking on the country’s biggest food challenges,
is back with new host Casey Webb.

A self-taught chef and actor -- he's appeared on Part-Timers and Inside
Amy Schumer
 -- Webb tells ET that it’s his many years in the
restaurant industry “that's helped me get to where I am today.”

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On the series, which returns Monday, Aug. 7 at 9 p.m.
ET/PT, Webb is tasked with traveling around the country to take on foods that
we all love. “They just happen to be greater in proportions or spicier,” he
says, adding that nothing is more inspiring than “traveling to a city and
meeting folks and trying their food for the first time.”

In the new season, that means traveling to Chicago, Houston,
Billings, Montana, Charleston, South Carolina, where he loved being able to eat
seafood fresh off the boat, Sleepy Hollow, New York, New Orleans, Portland,
Oregon and Des Moines, Iowa. The show will kick off in his hometown of New York
City, where Webb will take on extreme eats in three different boroughs. Perhaps
his favorite place to visit was Texas, where fajitas were made popular.

“They made their tortillas fresh there -- the best tortilla
I've ever tasted in my life -- that was unbelievable,” Webb recalls. “To be
able to go side by side with the chefs and those folks making the tortillas was

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While there won’t be any celebrity guests in the first
season, Webb says that he would love for longtime pals, like Amy Schumer, to
appear on future episodes. “That would be amazing,” he says, praising his
former co-star as funny and an incredible director. “I would love nothing more
than to bring on some friends.”

In the meantime, he has to survive the epic food challenges
of the first season. “It hasn't been without its challenges, to say
the least,” he says, adding: “I'm not allergic to anything. I do enjoy eating.
I'm pretty competitive. So that makes me a triple threat in terms of being the
man in Man v. Food.”