EXCLUSIVE: Rachel Lindsay Reveals She Told Bryan Abasolo That She Was In Love With Him In the Fantasy Suite

The 'Bachelorette' couple also opened up about 'DWTS,' having kids, and the 'key' to making their relationship last.

Rachel Lindsay may have told Peter Kraus that she loved him during their devastating breakup, but she was only ever "in love" with one man while filming The Bachelorette: her now-fiance, Bryan Abasolo. 

"I think there's a difference between 'I love you' and' I'm in love with you.' Rachel actually told me she was in love with me back in the fantasy suites," Bryan revealed to ET's Lauren Zima in New York City on Tuesday morning.

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"I did!" Rachel said with a laugh, before confessing that she knew she was going to break up with Peter when she walked into the room that night.

"No, [I never told Peter I was in love with him]," she shared. "It was very important to me. I've been strong with my last four, and I loved each of them in a different way, and with Bryan, he's the only one that I said I was in love with to. And I really wanted to reserve that language, that feeling, for one person. And that was Bryan for me."

Rachel, who admitted she was "frustrated" that viewers focused on Peter's refusal to get engaged instead of her love story with Bryan, couldn't be more pleased with the 37-year-old chiropractor's proposal -- and her 3-carat Neil Lane engagement ring.

"Yeah, I did very good," Bryan adorably teased of the stunning sparkler.

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While Rachel was rushing towards an engagement, the two revealed on Monday's After the Final Rose that they're taking their time before getting married. The couple said they will, however, make it down the aisle for Rachel's dream winter wedding.

"I think we're just so mature. You know, our communication is off the charts. Our love for each other is off the charts. I think we're just both individually, mentally strong," Bryan shared. "So as far as all the negative forces on the outside, I think at this stage in our lives, we're the best equipped to handle those things."

"Communication is key.... Throughout the three months that we've finished the show, [we] Facetime, call several times a day. I mean, we don't stop talking to each other. And we bring up, you know, all the tough topics," he continued. "We discuss everything. When we leave, we put everything on the table."

"We talk about everything," Rachel added.

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The two told ET that they're "mulling over" whether they'll move in together in Dallas, Miami or Los Angeles -- noting that the latter doesn't necessarily mean that Dancing With the Stars is in the cards.

"Oh, I haven't even begun to think about Dancing With the Stars," Rachel confessed. "We are just trying to be together."

Children, however, are definitely on their mind.

"We do want kids," the 32-year-old attorney said. "Four."

"She wants four to be the max and I want three," Bryan chimed in.

"We're having four," Rachel insisted.

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Though Rachel and Bryan have had to live apart in the couple of months since their engagement, she's been gushing about him since he got down on one knee. See more in the video below.