'The Walking Dead' Cast Explains That Crazy Season 8 Premiere (Exclusive)

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The Walking Dead celebrated its long-awaited 100th episode on Sunday... and it was a doozy. 

The eighth season of the zombie drama picked up where the seventh left off, with Rick and group's plan to take down Negan -- but what happened afterwards is not so easy to explain. 

We saw Alexandria come together with Hilltop and the Kingdom to fight back against the Saviors, but while Rick (who strangely flashed in and out of an older version of himself) insisted "it's not about me," his actions seemed to suggest otherwise, when he put Father Gabriel in danger trying to snap of pic of Negan seemingly moments before death. Unfortunately for Rick (and moreso for Gabriel), Negan emerged from the battle alive and well -- and ready for retaliation. 


While Negan remains alive for the time being, the episode left us with several unanswered questions, like what's up with old Rick? What happened to Maggie's baby? And what happens next?

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Lucky for you, ET's Leanne Aguilera caught up with the cast at the AMC series' 100th episode celebration and season eight premiere at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles on Sunday night, where they did their best to clarify exactly what went down. 

According to Andrew Lincoln, who stars as Rick, the milestone episode is "offering up alternative futures."

"Basically there is a future that looks to be five years to seven years on, when Judith is grown up," Lincoln shared, after admitting that he needs to remain somewhat tight-lipped about the meanings and implications of the scenes. "Then there's another future that seems to be where Rick Grimes is dying. So I wonder what's gonna happen."

Danai Gurira, who plays fan favorite Michonne, also opened up about the time jumps -- including one where she and Rick appear to be alive and happy -- and dished on what it was like to shoot a Walking Dead scene in which she had a chance to smile.

"It was awesome! I was clean and in a really cute little outfit, you know? And my hair was a little wavy and it was amazing. It was cool," Gurira shared. "That's what we're fighting for. We're out there fighting for that future, and so to be able to enact it in [that scene] was really, really thrilling. Because [it makes you] remember what you're fighting for. We're all at war for that."

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Melissa McBride, who stars as Carol, spoke with ET about the action-packed 100th episode, in which she shares a particularly heartfelt moment with Daryl (Norman Reedus) before he goes off to face yet another massive hoard of undead abominations.

McBride opened up about working with Reedus, and how his personality actually mirrors the beloved character he's created on the show.

"It's been amazing because Norman's just so much fun. He's so much fun to work with, so much fun to be around," she said. "I never know what's going to happen and, just like Norman, Daryl is the same way. I just enjoy working with him so much."

As for the show's multiple flash-forwards and time jumps, McBride promises that the whole series is "going to tie together."

"It's a little jumpy but it's going to come together," she shared. "There's a method to the madness that has to happen and it's coming."

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on AMC. 

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