Why Mark Hamill Being an 'Odd, Eccentric Guy' Made Him Perfect for 'Brigsby Bear' (Exclusive)

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Before Mark Hamill makes his grand return to a galaxy far, far away in the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi, he spent some time in a very different universe: In Brigsby Bear, he plays Ted, the creator of a children's show, Brigsby Bear Adventures, which stars a talking bear and was invented with admittedly dark intentions.

"We wanted it to be somebody that has either a sense of weirdness or that you just wouldn't normally, immediately think of," Saturday Night Live's Kyle Mooney, who co-wrote and stars in Brigsby Bear, says in this exclusive bonus featurette. "Everybody associates him just as Luke Skywalker. It kind of gave him, like, a fun, cool, weird role to play."

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"Everyone that knows him knows that both he's a sweetheart and a very loving person, but he also is an odd, eccentric guy," director Dave McCary (also of SNL) adds. That Hamill is an accomplished voice actor -- he's voiced The Joker in numerous animated Batman projects, for one -- meant he would also be able to nail the high-pitched bear voice.

Brigsby Bear was one of the breakout films at Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. In the dramedy, Mooney plays James, a sheltered 20-something whose entire world changes overnight, and so he sets off on a new journey: to finish the beloved kids' show he grew up watching.

Here is the official breakdown of the movie's special features:

"Bonus materials on the Blu-ray, DVD and digital versions of BRIGSBY BEAR include: 'Twin Speak: Kyle & Dave,' a featurette in which Kyle Mooney and Dave McCary reflect on their creative partnership that spans from grade school to Saturday Night Live; 'An Evening with Brigsby Bear,' featuring a Q&A featuring Kyle Mooney, Dave McCary, Mark Hamill and more; 'The Wisdom of Brigsby Bear,' a collection of life lessons from Brigsby himself; plus, a filmmaker commentary and hilarious gag reel. Exclusive to Blu-ray and digital release, fans can get more with deleted and extended scenes as well as a coveted lost episode of the 'Brigsby Bear' series entitled 'The Festival of Kindness.'"

Brigsby Bear will be available on Blu-ray, DVD and digital on Nov. 14.