Bryan & Partner 'Numb' after 'DWTS' Elimination


Dancing with the Stars
was dealt another unanticipated elimination on Tuesday night when the highest-scoring dancer for the past two weeks, Sabrina Bryan, was dismissed from the show. Backstage after the show, Bryan and her partner were taken aback by the elimination.

"I must say, I'm numb right now," said Bryan's partner Louis Van Amstel. "I'm not crying; I'm not smiling; I'm just [thinking], 'Really? Did that really just happen?' At the same time, we're so appreciative of the opportunity to be [a] part of this season."

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Too add to the sting of being eliminated after receiving the highest cumulative score of the past two weeks (there was no elimination last week), which included a perfect score on this week's dance, the actress was eliminated on Week 6 her first time on the show. Bryan revealed that she was aware of the cloud looming over her head.

"I've been through this before. I went home Week 6 [last time]," Bryan said. "I walked in even before we danced last night knowing Week 6 was like Doomsday for me. I gave it everything I had...Life could be a lot worse than losing 'Dancing with the Stars,' but at the same time, I can't tell you how grateful I am just for this opportunity."

Bryan, who is known for the Disney Channel Cheetah Girl series, assured that even though she is upset about no longer being on the show, the experience has opened up many doors for her. Having struggled to land major roles outside the Cheetah Girl franchise, she says she plans to live in the moment and take everything as it comes.

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Her fellow cast mates were baffled by her elimination, especially close friend Shawn Johnson.

"Sabrina getting voted off broke my heart. She put everything into this show and this show meant more to her than anything," Johnson said. "She put her heart on the floor last night and I think if she were to go out, that is a perfect high note, but then again, she's like a sister to me. I was stunned. I don't think anybody expected that."

Bryan's perfect score preceding her elimination has her fellow cast mate Gilles Marini hoping that the judges/ show producers reconsider the influence of fan votes in order to prevent the show from being a popularity contest.

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"I want the judges having a little bit more control, even if I pay the price," the actor proposed, "'cause that makes the show more interesting."

Now narrowed down to seven dancing pairs, Dancing with the Stars continues next Monday at 8 p.m. on ABC.