Will Ferrell on Making an All-Spanish Movie

Will Ferrell's new all-Spanish movie, Casa de Mi Padre, presented more challenges than just the obvious hurdle of learning a new language. The actor revealed that he also had to stick pretty close to the script, taking away one of his greatest strengths as an actor -- improvisation.
"Improvising is something we obviously like to do in our films, but it was enough for me just to try to make sure I could memorize things and get the lines correctly and say them correctly," said Will, who worked rigorously with a translator to get his Spanish pitch-perfect.
His hard work paid off, receiving high praise from his Spanish-speaking co-stars Diego Luna and Genesis Rodriguez.
"Will's Spanish is much better than my English," said Diego.
"He didn't do it as an American speaking Spanish. He did it as a Mexican with a Mexican accent," Genesis raved.
Casa de Mi Padre, a melodramatic telenovela spoof, also stars Gael Garcia Bernal and Nick Offerman. The comedy opens March 16.