Celebrity Showdown: Kate Winslet vs. Cate Blanchett

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This weekend, two of the most celebrated leading ladies in Hollywood, Kate Winslet and Cate Blanchett, went head-to-head as villains in their respective big budget blockbusters.
Winslet's Insurgent opened this weekend with a respectable $54 million, knocking Blanchett's Cinderella into second. To its credit, Disney's live-action adaptation opened with an impressive $67.8 million the weekend prior and has accumulated a domestic total to $122 million in just two weeks.
But how do the two Oscar winners stack up against one another? That's what ET's Celebrity Showdown is here to discover. Looking at seven unique criteria that weigh box-office earnings, critic's reviews, and award season gold, Celebrity Showdown examines the anatomy of both stars' careers to determine who's really the best.
So who will win between the Cate "The Pretty Tolkien Elf" Blanchett and Kate "Seriously, I was in Titanic" Winslet? For fun, take a guess, then check out our totally scientific results.*
*Results not actually scientific.
ROUND 1 - TOAL NUMBER OF FILMS Kate Winslet: 26 Cate Blanchett: 36 (WIN)
ROUND 2 - HIGHEST GROSSING FILM Kate Winslet: $658.6 million - Titanic (WIN) Cate Blanchett: $377.8 million - The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
ROUND 3 - AVERAGE GROSS Kate Winslet: $51.7 million Cate Blanchett: $75.2 million (WIN)
ROUND 4 -TOTAL GROSS Kate Winslet: $1.34 billion Cate Blanchett: $2.70 billion (WIN)
ROUND 5 -HIGHEST RATED FILM Kate Winslet: 98% - Sense and Sensibility (WIN) Cate Blanchett: 95% - The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
ROUND 6 - AVERAGE 'RT' SCORE Kate Winslet: 63.3% Cate Blanchett: 66.7% (WIN)
ROUND 7 -'AWARDS' SCORE* Kate Winslet: 7 Cate Blanchett: 10 (WIN) *2 points for Oscar wins, 1 point for Golden Globes, Emmy or Screen Actors Guild Wins, .5 points for People's Choice Wins and -1 point for a Razzie Win.
Well, it was sort of a blow-out for Blanchett. Aside from starring in 10 more films than Winslet, she also starred in one of the most successful franchises in history. While Titanic might be the highest-grossing film ever made (not adjusted for inflation), it didn't really leave room for sequels.
But don't feel too bad Kate. After all, you are still one of the most celebrated actresses in the world, and "I want you to draw me like one of your French girls" is still one of the most iconic quotes ever.
Check out the trailers for Cinderella andInsurgentbelow, to figure out what film you're going to want to watch this weekend.
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