Inside the Spectacular Stunts of Action-Adventure 'San Andreas'

San Andreas attempts something that no movie has gone for in 40 years, and ET has a behind-the-scenes look at how they did it.
"It is a thrilling, heart-pounding ride," star Dwayne Johnson says of the big-screen action-adventure.
The film follows a rescue helicopter pilot (Johnson) and his estranged wife (Carla Gugino) as they attempt the trek from Los Angeles to San Francisco to find and rescue their daughter (Alexandra Daddario) after a devastating earthquake hits California.
Not since 1974's Earthquake has a movie tried to depict an earthquake like the one in San Andreas.
"This is the biggest movie that I've ever been on the set of where it looks like that," Gugino said. "I saw a girl hanging in a car on a cliff that had been made on the back lot with the biggest fan you've ever seen in your life blowing dust ... It was so crazy."
With more than 1,300 special effects shots in the air, underground and underwater, few people have been on a set like this one.
Watch the video to see the stunts come to life. San Andreas hits theaters May 29.