EXCLUSIVE: All of 'Zootopia's' Awesome 'Frozen' Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed

Disney's Zootopia took viewers through a magical universe of anthropomorphic animal cityscapes filled with vibrant colors, gorgeous art design and intricately developed cultures.
Also, in between all brilliant world-building details, the creators managed to throw in a few brilliant, subtle references to the beloved 2013 film, Frozen.
ET has an exclusive look at the "ZPD: Forensic Files" Blu-ray extra, detailing all of Zootopia's hidden Frozen Easter Eggs. Some are a bit more obvious than others, while some are wildly obscure and hard to find.
1. Duke Weaselton
Walt Disney Pictures
The shifty, small-time crook is voiced by Alan Tudyk -- and the name is a reference to Frozen's Duke of Weselton, who was also played by the 45-year-old Firefly star.
Walt Disney Pictures
Tudyk has actually played a villain (or similarly suspicious suspect) in the last four Walt Disney Animation Studios films -- including King Candy in Wreck-It-Ralph and tech mogul Alistair Krei in Big Hero 6.
2. Anna and Elsa Elephants
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In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it nod to Frozen's main sisters, two young elephants walking down the street in Tundratown are dressed like Anna and Elsa.
3. A Familiar Print
Walt Disney Pictures
In Jumbeaux's Café -- the elephant-run ice-cream parlor -- proprietor Jerry Jumbeaux, Jr. has two plates on a shelf with the exact same pattern that appears on the wallpaper in Anna's bedroom.
Bonus Easter egg: Some familiar DVD covers!
Walt Disney Pictures
In Zootopia, humans don't exist. So it only makes sense that they wouldn't appear in the films that exist in that world either -- which is why, in Zooptopia, Disney films like Big Hero 6, Tangled and Wreck-It-Ralph are called Pig Hero 6, Wrangled and Wreck-It-Rhino.
Zootopia comes out on digital HD, Blu-ray and Disney Movies Anywhere on June 7.
For a look at the wild and wondrous world of Zooptopia, check out the video below.