EXCLUSIVE: Michael Keaton Talks Working With New 'Spider-Man' Tom Holland & the Impressive 'Marvel Machine'

Michael Keaton is once again stepping into the world of superhero films in the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming.
The Oscar nominee, who famously starred as the iconic caped crusader in Tim Burton's Batman, is taking on a darker role as The Vulture, the film's chief villain. However, according to Keaton, there isn't as big of a difference as it may seem.
"Batman was also a borderline vigilante too," the actor shared with ET's Carly Steel at a press junket for his upcoming biopic The Founder. "It is just another role that just happens to be in a big, fun, great-looking superhero movie."
Now that Spider-Man has joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe -- after Marvel Studios and Sony reached an agreement to share the rights to the character -- the beloved web-slinger is part of what Keaton calls the "Marvel Machine."
"[It's] pretty amazing once you step into that," Keaton said. "I hadn't done a Marvel movie and they are so good at how they run things. It's impressive."
The Birdman star also had a lot of love for Tom Holland, the young actor behind the Spider-Man mask.
"He is a really good guy," Keaton marveled. "I just worked with Dylan O’Brien [on the upcoming thriller American Assassin] and they are around the same age, I would say, and they are both such good guys to work with. Tommy is a good kid."
While Holland was cast, in part, for his tremendous gymnastic abilities and athleticism, which allow him to perform a lot of his own stunts, Keaton said that his character's massive robotic suit allowed him to sit out during most of the film’s biggest stunts.
In fact, Keaton brought along a familiar stuntman to help him out. "The person they had me use for in Birdman, for a few things, he was so good they brought him along for Spider-Man," he explained.
In his upcoming film, The Founder, Keaton plays real-life entrepreneur Ray Kroc, the man responsible for expanding McDonald's from a small diner into the biggest fast food empire in America.
The Founder hits theaters Jan. 20. Spider-Man: Homecoming swings into theaters July 7.