Rod Stewart Joins Instagram With a Hairy Shot


Rod Stewart is no stranger to big hair.

The 70-year-old singer has built an entire empire on his famous ever-evolving shag. So when Stewart joined Instagram on Friday, it made sense that he would put it front and center. 

In his first pic, Stewart joked about past hairdos. “Good hair days. Bad hair days. I'll be here,” he wrote in the caption. 

Stewart has no problem playing on his long-standing career. The singer recently joined Late Late Show host James Corden for a rendition of Carpool Karaoke with A$AP Rocky in the back seat. 

Stewart is just the latest in a long line of celebs to join Instagram. Recently, everyone from Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles to Betty White have created must-follow accounts.

Meanwhile, Stewart recently opened up to ET about how he relives his past heartbreak through song. "Why not tell it like it is," Stewart explains. "Everybody knows I've had two divorces." And, undoubtedly, a few bad hair days.