Charlie Sheen Sends Waiter $1000 Dollars After NFL Player Tips 20 Cents

by Alex Ungerman 6:31 PM PDT, September 11, 2014
Playing Charlie Sheen Sends Waiter $1000 Dollars After NFL Player Tips 20 Cents

Charlie Sheen just made a waiter's day!

A waiter at PYT Burger in Philadelphia was tipped $.20 on an over $60 tab by Philadelphia Eagles running back, LeSean McCoy, prompting the restaurant to controversially post the receipt to their Facebook page.

Post by PYT.

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The move drew both support and criticism on social media, and wound up catching the attention of Charlie Sheen, who pledged to send the waiter $1000.

Charlie's kind act was praised by the hosts of The Doctors, who featured Charlie as part of their #SMOCK campaign, which promotes "simple moments of contagious kindess."

Charlie Sheen also offered this exclusive quote to The Doctors following his moment of generosity.

"I'm beyond humbled by this tribute.

i learned early on that the only way to embrace and find balance on this amazing and difficult journey, is to give something back each and every day.

I also learned that the true measure of the deed is not the size of the gift, but the intention of the heart

I didn't do this to prove a point or choose a side. I did this because I had to..."

We guess Charlie Sheen's tiger blood beats through a big heart!

Watch Sheen's clip on The Doctors above, then catch an all-new episode of The Doctors on Friday 9/12. Check your local listings.

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