This Is the Most Extravagant 'Little Mermaid' Themed Wedding Ever

You could have a subtly Disney-themed wedding ceremony, with an animated Tinkerbell cake or a Frozen wedding dress (which doesn’t look that cartoonish in real life). Or you can do this:

A full on, 100 percent committed, everything and the thingamabob too Little Mermaid-themed wedding.

Ariel here is Little Mermaid impersonator and IRL hipster Ariel, Taci Hines.

And her Price Eric is model Leo Camacho.

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Here’s where we break the news: This is not a real wedding. It’s more so a calling card for Your Cloud Parade, an online marketplace where couples can shop and design their dream wedding in one place. The faux wedding was photographed by Mark Brooke Photography and Mathieu Photo to showcase the true potential of your future Little Mermaid-themed wedding.

In addition to the whozits and whatzits and dinglehoppers, naturally (see above), the wedding features beachy invitations and a nautical nail art mani and pedi for the bride:

Plus a spread of the most delicious and adorable treats you’ve seen this side of the Pacific, made by Sweet and Saucy Shop. We’re assuming fish wasn’t on the dinner menu. If it was, poor, poor Flounder.

(You can get a complete list of all the vendors used for the shoot here.)

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The wedding is intended for a “modern hipster wedding couple.” But even if you’re a little “meh” on the hipsterness of it all...

The rest of it? Surprisingly beautiful. We’d Pinterest it.

Your Cloud Parade promises we’ll see more shoots like this in the future: “Of course,” they told ETonline when we asked if another Disney princess would get her big day. “We have big plans to continue to push the envelope on all our future shoots. You will be seeing a lot more from us this year.”

Now, not to be a total downer, but do you know why Disney characters rarely have moms? Find out:

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