Justin Bieber's 'Baby' Turns 5: See the Biebs Then & Now

Getty Images
Remember how adorable Justin Bieber was??
Sure the Biebs may not even be old enough to drink (although March 1 is fast approaching), but you can't argue that the guy has lived. You might not even realize that Justin has been active in music over half as long as The Beatles were, and for some reason that is just mind-blowing.
And then we remembered that today is the five year anniversary of the epic "Baby" music video that broke records and hearts everywhere. Turns out we're a little nostalgic for young Bieber.
Join us as we try to sort out these feelings:
How is this adorable little dude:
About to be freaking ROASTED?:
Wasn't he JUST singing "Never Say Never" with Jaden Smith?:
Who was like a BABY by the way.
This little goofball:
Has been deposed:
This cool guy:
Is now an um.... working male model:
You've come such a long way from here Justin:
By your own admission, you've made some mistakes:
We guess everyone has to grow up sometime:
We can respect that you gotta let yourself try new things:
To be honest, we miss the hair a little:
It's a work in progress, we know:
I guess what we're saying is, we can accept you as you are:
Just don't lose that charm!:
We love you little Biebs!
Watch Justin Bieber open up about his apology video on Ellen below.