Solange's 2015 Met Gala Dress Will Confuse You Forever

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Let's get one thing straight.
Solange is attending the 2015 Met Gala wearing some creation of Giles that is not a dress.
It has been alleged to be a dress. This is simply impossible.

Not even saying it looks bad! Just saying: Not. A. Dress.
Don't know how it works.
Maybe the Silver Surfer crashed.
Might be a knight's shield.
Death Star? Makes sense....
Sting ray? Plausible.
Liquified disco ball? We buy it.
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Disruption of the space-time continuum? Not out of the question.
Dress? Undeniably out of the question.
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Solange, we love you, you rock, you are so bold and cool, and you did not wear a dress today.
Thank you.
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