'Entourage' Cast Plays 'Never Have I Ever': Find Out Who Had Sex on Set!

The guys of Entourage didn't hold back talking about their on-set, sexual shenanigans.
In a game of "Never Have I Ever," which host Ellen DeGeneres said was "basically invented" for the co-stars -- Kevin Connolly, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon and Jerry Ferrara all answered a series of revealing questions by holding up a paddle that read "I have never" on one side and "I have" on the other.
Ellen didn't hold back from asking the risque questions right out the gate. "Never I ever had sex in a dressing room or a trailer on the set of Entourage?" she posed to the men.
The guys all answered the same as they held up, "I have."
Next up, "Never have I ever hooked up with a woman who only knew me by my character's name?" The actor who held up "I have" on this round may surprise you as it's NOT Johnny Drama or Turtle.

Ellen wasn't letting the guys off the hook, asking, "Never have I ever had a threesome?"
Flabbergasted by the question, Ferrara exclaimed, "Ellen!"
But it was the next question that really got the co-stars flustered. "Never have I ever been intimate with an Entourage guest star?"
See how the guys answered and find out the cast member that replied "I have" the most!
Entourage the movie is in theaters now.