Kanye West Nervously Stepping Up To Shoot This Basketball Will Teach You To Believe in Yourself

Photo: Instagram
Take the shot, Yeezy!
If you thought Kanye West didn't have an unconfident bone in his body, you have obviously never seen him nervously step up to the free throw line. And now, that's exactly what you get to do thanks to pregnant Kim Kardashian RENTING OUT the STAPLES CENTER for her husband's 38th birthday.
Watch as Kanye hesitates and looks around before setting up the shot.
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Easy does it there, Kanye...
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He shoots....
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Now look at him dancing and cheesing.
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For added effect, watch the video on loop while listening to Kanye's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy single, "Lost In The World."
We swear it works!
Happy bee-day Yeezay!
Hope you thanked Kim.

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