Ben Affleck Wears His Wedding Ring as He Brings an Adorable Puppy of Hope to Atlanta

So many things about this demand our attention!
Just when you thought all hope was lost, Ben Affleck shows up in Atlanta with the cutest puppy ever... and he's wearing his wedding ring!
The fluffy yellow pup is thought to be a gift for Affleck's kids, who are in town with Jennifer while she films a movie, and it could not have come at a better time. Ben and Jennifer announced their split on June 30, and the 42-year-old actor has seemed pretty despondent in recent pictures.
But in this latest shot, something seems different as Ben appears to have some real resolve in his eyes and step.
What Ben looked like before the cute puppy:
What Ben looks like now:
Ben's ring has been on and off as of late. He was most recently seen wearing it as he honored Derek Jeter at the ESPYs. And while it stands to reason that the couple who at times has been our #RelationshipGoals is officially done, it's important to remember...
Where there is a puppy, there is hope.
As it happens, this summer is turning out to be full of broken hearts and breakups, as one of the couples we had hoped would never get divorced, Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton, have ended their marriage.