One Direction's Liam Payne Turns 22! Look Back at 7 of His Hottest Moments

by Desiree Murphy 1:20 PM PDT, August 29, 2015
Photo: Getty Images

Happy Birthday, Liam Payne!

The One Direction member has come a long way since he auditioned to be a contestant on the X-Factor UK at the young age 14. In celebration of him turning 22 on Saturday, we're taking a trip down memory lane with seven of the hottest Liam moments captured over the years.

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1. That time he wore hipster glasses and a fedora while testing out ideas for One Direction's fifth album.

Making plans for the new album

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No one has ever made doing 'work' look hotter!

2. When he gave us a reason to go see the One Direction: This is Us movie in 2013.

3. Sleepy selfie posts from bed.

Nighty night

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We know what we'll be dreaming of tonight.

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4. That time he pretended to meditate on top of a mountain in Machu Picchu.

I am the funky Buddha

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Hot tattoos. Hot outfit. Hot beard. Hot muscles. Need we say more?

5. He also flaunted his abs while under water.

Can we steal your workout plan, please?

6. When he proved to the world that he's also an impressive dancer.

YES Twinkle Toes... 1DHQ x

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Get it, Liam!

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7. And we can't forget that time he teased fans with this racy photo.

Damn that was my last pair!

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Liam quickly posted a follow-up picture, though, letting his fans know it was just a joke and all in good fun.

Oh I found them never mind aha

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