7 Reasons Why We Hope Andy Samberg Will Perform With Lonely Island at the Emmys!

Photo: NBC
What on earth will Andy Samberg do??
As we gear up for the Emmys this weekend, we can't help but be excited that the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star, who spent years making us laugh on Saturday Night Live as part of The Lonely Island comedy music squad, is hosting the big awards show!
Our expectations are actually limitless! Will the Lonely Island be there? Will they drop a new song? Will Justin Timberlake be featured?? Because pretty much all of that would add up to probably one of the most entertaining Emmy awards in a long time. To tide yourself over, here are some of the group's most memorable songs from back in the day.
(WARNING: Some of these are NSFW-ish, so keep that in mind.)
7. "I Just Had Sex" - 2010
♫ And it felt so good! ♫
This total anthem is probably the best representation of The Lonely Island's brand of juvenile silliness that we all know and love.
Akon provides a positively infectious hook, too!
6. "Threw It on the Ground" - 2011
You really can't have a truly turnt night until you throw it on the ground at least once.
This is the perfect Lonely Island song for not letting anybody mess with you EVER.
5. "Like a Boss" - 2009
Andy Samberg has perhaps the worst performance review ever, and he does it like a boss.
This one gets bonus points because of Seth Rogen!
4. "I'm on a Boat" - 2009
♫Poseeeeiidon, look at meee! ♫
Featuring T-Pain, we actually didn't much mind our lack of boat ownership... UNTIL this song debuted that is.
3. "Jack Sparrow" - 2011
Leave it to GRAMMY-winning singer Michael Bolton to really push the Lonely Island Boys out of their comfort zone!
They might not be into his hook, but it's our favorite thing ever
2. "Jizz in My Pants" (NSFW) - 2009
We're sorry. We can't even with this one.
So immature. So gross. So perfectly gross.
1. The "Dick in a Box" trilogy - 2006-2011
Starting with "Dick in a Box" in 2006 (Yep, it's almost 10 years old), followed by "Motherlover" in 2009, and the Lady Gaga-backed "3-Way (The Golden Rule)" in 2011, this trio of songs showed Justin and Andy to be the unstoppable comedy force that they are. You probably still have a friend, who is at home eating leftover mashed potatoes, giggling along to "Dick in a Box" on their computer as we speak. That friend may even be you.
Not only that, but "Dick in a Box" actually won a Creative Arts Emmy in 2007 for Outstanding Music & Lyrics, which makes it a perfectly fitting capstone for Emmy weekend. Enjoy!
Oh sorry, by the way, we should have warned you that now these songs are gonna be stuck in your head for the rest of forever AGAIN.
Which of your favorites did we forget? Let us know!
Andy takes on the reins at the 67th Emmy Awards on Sunday, Sept. 20 from 8-11 p.m. ET/5-8 p.m. PT on Fox.