Debra Messing Shames Man for Sending Her Unsolicited Penis Pic: 'Respect Yourselves'

Don't mess with Debra Messing.
The 47-year-old actress recently took to Twitter to call out a man who sent her an unsolicited photo of his penis on Instagram.
"Someone sent me a DM of his very VERY large penis.... That's all," she first tweeted on Monday.
Though instead of ignoring it, Messing actually tweeted out a pixelated version of the NSFW pic on Tuesday, with the words, "Sending pix like this is NEVER OK" written over it.
"The picture came thru my Instagram Message Requests. It was unpixelated," she later explained.
Lesson learned, we hope!
Watch the video below to see Channing Tatum get adorably embarrassed over his penis nickname, which he hilariously revealed was Gilbert on an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit in June!