Jessica Chastain Teases Chris Hemsworth Over Losing Sexiest Man Alive

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Chris Hemsworth is no longerPeople's Sexiest Man Alive, and Jessica Chastain is letting him know!
The actress tweeted a picture of new Sexiest Man Alive,  David Beckham, and tagged her Huntsman: Winter's War co-star on Twitter, writing, "Oh must be devestated. I know how much this title meant to you."
Without missing a beat, the 32-year-old actor responded with a jokingly solemn letter expressing melancholy over his loss.
After Hemsowrth thanked Chastain for reminding him that he's "over the hill," he wrote, "Although I knew for the last 12 months this day would come, it still hurts. As I fade into my weathered wrinkled exterior, I hope by time will be remembered then forgotten then forgotten some more *(insert crying music)," continuing, "P.S. It's what's on the inside that counts. P.P.S. David Beckham is so dreamy and has cool tats"
Finally, Chastain responded, "Isn't Beckham older than you? Dont sweat it Chris. You have an A+ personality and that's all that matters!"
To be fair to Thor, an "A+ personality" is HARDLY all he has going for him...

Oh, boy.
The Huntsman: Winter's War hits theaters in April 2016, and ET has your first look at the fantasy sequel below.