12 Totally Normal Names Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Might Give Baby No. 2

It's getting to be that time for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West!
As the couple awaits their second child, who could be arriving sooner rather than later as Kim plans to induce labor over health concerns, everyone is gearing up to guess the baby's name. And because they named their daughter North West, everyone and their mom thinks something like South, Easton, or Wild Wild is what Kim and Kanye will go with for their first son. But, come on people! It doesn't have to be that way.
Kim even told NPR in June that "everyone keeps on saying South, and I think it's so stupid."
With that in mind, here are 12 totally normal, plausible names that we may be calling Kimye baby No. 2.
1. Robert West

Kim's late father, Robert, who died in 2003, would be an ideal candidate for passing on his namesake to the 35-year-old reality star's first son.
2. Omari West
Kanye's middle name sounds very fitting for a little guy to learn and grow from his big sister, Nori. And outside of Kanye Jr., it's probably the best way for Kanye to pass on his name.
But actually...
3. Kanye West, Jr.
This, of course, would be the Yeeziest thing to name his son.
4. Ray West

Kanye's dad. You get it. Given the whole Ray J thing, though, this one's pretty damn unlikely.
5. Arthur West
The name of Kim's grandfather.
OK, easy ones are out of the way....
5. Ali West
♫ 'Cause when Ali turn up and be Ali, you can't ever change him back to Cassius! ♫
6. Daryl West
This one's a bit of a stretch, but the name Daryl is derived from the Old English "dearly loved," and as Kanye raps in "New Day," he and Jay Z's candid track about fatherhood, "I just want him to have an easy life, not like Yeezy life, just want him to be someone people like. Don’t want him to be hated all the time, judged. Don’t be like your daddy that would never budge."
7. Christopher West
Taken from the real name of The Notorious B.I.G., one of Kanye's idols.
8. Franklin West
No reasoning here. It just sounds cute!
9. Tyler West
See the point? It could be literally anything!
10. Michael West
♫ Jackson, Jordan, Tyson, take your pick! ♫
11. Theodore West
Because remember how Kanye's logo was a teddy bear for the longest time?
12. Taylor West
Ima let you finish, but...
Will any of these be the name? Almost definitely, not. But the point is it PROBABLY WON'T BE SOUTH EITHER. And that's something we can all be thankful for.
One thing is for certain, whatever the name, Kim and Kanye's little guy will have just about the coolest older sister you can ask for. Watch the video below!