Dakota Johnson Recalls Watching Her Parents Film Sex Scenes When She Was Younger

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Dakota Johnson was well-versed in sex scenes long before Fifty Shades of Grey.
Unfortunately for the 26-year-old actress, she was schooled in cinema sex by her parents, Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson, as she reveals in the new issue of Net-A-Porter's The Edit magazine.
"I was around for a lot of it, and I would watch them," she said of being on set with her folks when she was younger.  "There were also things I could see that I didn't want to, like watch my parents have sex with other people. And there was a scene where my mom got slapped in the face. I lost my mind!"
It hardly seems fair, seeing as how adamant Melanie and Don have been about not seeing their daughter's S&M-filled turn as Anastasia Steel in Fifty Shades. Though, they have Dakota to thank for that.
"I have not seen Fifty Shades of Grey. I don't think I'm going to see it," Melanie previously stated, claiming Dakota told her parents, "'You guys cannot come. There's no way.' So we're not going." (This did ultimately lead to a very awkward mother-daughter conversation on the red carpet at the Oscars.)
Don echoed a similar sentiment to ET, explaining, "She asked me not to see the movie, and frankly, that's not a movie that I would rush to see. I respected her wishes. So, I haven't seen it."
Probably for the best.
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