Prince Harry Honors Late Mother Princess Diana in Moving AIDS Awareness Speech

Prince Harry does not want us to forget his late mother's work in raising AIDS awareness.
The royal thanked global leaders "like my mother, Princess Diana," while speaking at the International AIDS Conference in Durban, South Africa, on Thursday, about the importance of not letting the fight against HIV/AIDS slip into the background.
"When my mother held the hand of a man dying of AIDS in an East London hospital, no one would have imagined that just over a quarter of a century later, treatment would exist that could see HIV-positive people live full, healthy, loving lives," Harry said.
Photo: AP Images
"But we now face a new risk, the risk of complacency," the 31-year-old cautioned. "As people with HIV live longer, AIDS is a topic that has drifted from the headlines. And with that drift of attention, we risk a real drift of funding and of action to beat the virus."
Harry then called for "a new generation of leaders to step forward ... to make sure no young person feels any shame in asking for an HIV test."
"It is time for us to step up and acknowledge that stigma and discrimination still act as the greatest barrier to us defeating this disease once and for all," the prince added.
Joining Harry was musician Elton John, who co-hosted a session with the royal on the effects of HIV/AIDS on the youth.
This is not the first time Harry has spoken up about the disease.
Last week, the prince underwent an HIV test on Facebook Live from the Guys and St. Thomas’ Hospital in London, to highlight the importance of getting tested, "whether you’re a man, woman, gay, straight, black, white, whatever, a ginger!"
Watch the video below for more.