Tom Brady Has a New Haircut and Now Everyone's Got Jokes -- See What They Said!

Tom Brady's has a new haircut!
The New England Patriots quarterback, who is no stranger to switching up his beneath-the-helmet style, turned up to a press conference Tuesday sporting a brand new 'do.
Predictably, the internet had a lot to say about the 39-year-old's fresh cut, and has been letting out all their thoughts on Twitter like air from a football.
It reminded some people of school picture day...
Popular 90's TV shows like Saved by the Bell and Boy Meets World....
Just Jonathan Taylor Thomas in general....
Really, the range of comparisons was quite impressive.
And one guy thought he should have his #DeflateGate suspension extended to grow out the look.
Personally, we love how adventurous the NFL pro is with his hairstyles!
Photo: Getty Images
Let 'em, talk, Tom! Your dome is your dominion.
Watch the video below for another one of Tom's looks that drew the internet's attention.