Niall Horan Hilariously Performs 'Gangnam Style' With Jimmy Fallon - Watch!

Photo: CBS
‘Gangnam Style’ will never go out of style.
Niall Horan stopped by The Tonight Show on Thursday to promote his new single, “Slow Hands,” but not before peer pressuring host Jimmy Fallon into doing a little dance for the audience.
In honor of Red Nose Day, Horan interrupted Fallon’s opening monologue and insisted that he do the ‘Gangnam Style’ dance.
“Your jokes are funny but come on, give the people what they want,” the former One Directioner, 23, quipped. “Everyone wants to see you dance.”
“Nobody wants to see me dance,” the late night host insisted. “What dance are you talking about?”
“Obviously Gangnam Style,” Horan responded. It didn’t take much coaxing for the entire crowd to begin cheering for Fallon to do the dance.
“I don’t want to do the Gangnam Style...I don’t even know how to Gangnam Style!” Fallon responded. Obviously, as soon as the music started he couldn’t help but break into the dance, and Horan joined in as well.
Watch the hilarity unfold in the clip below.
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