EXCLUSIVE: Seth Rogen and His Wife Are Totally Down for a 'Foursome' With Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

Seth Rogen and his wife, Lauren Miller, are getting candid about their ultimate fantasies.
ET caught up with the couple on the red carpet at the Hilarity for Charity event for Alzheimer's research in New York City on Thursday, where they joked they would totally be down for a foursome with Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel.
When ET asked if Rogen would ever consider having the couple come out for Hilarity for Charity in the future, the interview took a wild twist.
"Oh yeah, that would be great to have them one year," Rogen, 35, exclaimed. "Yeah. We should do a whole bit with them. That'd be amazing."
"We should have a foursome live on stage!" he joked, as ET suggested having it go down in an elevator. "Perfect!"
Although Biel and Timberlake didn't make it out to this year's event, the evening was filled with appearances by other A-list stars, like comedian Amy Schumer.
"It was easy [getting her on board]," Rogen explained. "I emailed her and said, 'Can you do this thing?' She wrote back, 'Maybe' within a minute and said, 'Sure.' … I'm super psyched to have her. It's so nice of her to be doing this."
Miller chimed in, adding that Schumer "always said she would do it."
"Always good to have some lady comedians around," she added.
Last month, Rogen hilariously tweeted a split photo of him and his wife next to a snap of Biel and Timberlake. "Me and my wife have recently come to the unsettling realization that @jtimberlake and @JessicaBiel are the better looking version of us," he wrote.
The scruffy beards, trendy shades and casual caps… we see it!
It wasn't long before Timberlake laid eyes on the tweet, hilariously responding to the actor via Twitter.
"Apparently, I'm late to the party on this... But, don't sell yourself short, @Sethrogen," the singer shared. "Clearly, you and I both out-punted our coverage."
-Reporting by Darla Murray