Police Called to Demi Lovato's Hollywood Hills Home After Trespassing Incident

Photo: FilmMagic
Demi Lovato's home was hit by a trespasser, police reported on Wednesday. 
A spokesperson for the LAPD tells ET that officers took a trespassing report after speaking to an employee at Lovato's Hollywood Hills residence on Tuesday. No arrests were made.
According to TMZ, a man wearing all-black clothing and a baseball cap scaled the security gate at Lovato's home, and made it onto the balcony of her bedroom via a ladder, before dogs started barking, alerting the singer's house manager.
Lovato was not home at the time of the trespassing. She was in Boston promoting her new song, "Sorry Not Sorry."

ET has reached out to Lovato's rep for comment.
Reporting by Brendon Geoffrion.
In April, Drake's Hidden Hills, California, home was burglarized, with the suspect allegedly drinking the rapper's soda and water while inside the residence.
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