Jimmy Fallon Challenges Liam Neeson to Arm Wrestling

Does Jimmy Fallon really think he has a chance at beating Liam Neeson in a round of arm wrestling? The Tonight Show host was so confident he could beat the Taken 3 star that he even played a little game of "If I Win" during the match.
"If I win, I'm going to get a tattoo on my lower back that says: 'Better ingredients, better pizza, Papa John's.'"
Neeson, 62, also got in on this, adding, "After I win, I'm gonna find 100 Jimmy Fallon lookalikes, put them in a room together and throw you the world's creepiest surprise party."
Was Fallon able to beat the action star in arm wrestling? Watch the video to find out.
This isn't the first (and won't be the last) we've seen the host challenge a celebrity on The Tonight Show. ET takes a look at the power of Jimmy Fallon.